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Replacing my bathtub | What are the things I should know before?

Sometimes, when it comes to your bathroom, you need to make a change. Sometimes that change involves completely replacing the tub. Whether it’s for aesthetic or functional reasons, replacing the bathtub is an important decision. Do not jump before making sure that the proverbial water is fine.

We have already written you an exhaustive guide to choosing a new bathtub. What we haven’t covered are some of the more specific details and considerations to make beyond the tub itself.

Take your measurements very seriously.


The bathrooms are small. Knowing what space you have up to your thumb is incredibly important. Otherwise, it will not be possible to fully optimize the space when replacing the bathtub. On average, a full-sized bathtub takes up 13 square feet of floor space.

However, there are a large variety of tub options available. You can find exact measurements for the most frequently chosen varieties here. Don’t put your heart on a hot tub with jets if you only have 9 square feet of space. Instead, take your measurements first and then look at the options.

Transforming the bathtub into a shower in a simple and economical way


Replacement of the bathtub

It makes sense to replace an outdated bathtub with a brand-new bathtub. This isn’t your only option, though. You can also choose to replace the tub with a shower. Showers are more water and energy efficient than bathtubs and can increase your home’s resale value.

They also have a smaller physical footprint. This can be very interesting for someone looking to make the most of limited space. However, they cost more for front installation, so take costs into account along with efficiency and aesthetics.

Decide what you want to prioritize before looking at the fixtures.


When replacing the bathtub, the options go beyond which bathtub looks the best. Before making any choices, think about what you want most from your new bathtub. In case you’re looking for a tub that you can relax in, make sure you get one that doesn’t have uncomfortable straight sides.

If you’re not skilled, look for options that give you the support you need to get in and out. If style is your main priority, look at alternative colour options. Decide what your top priorities are before shopping, or you will find yourself overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Replacing a tub shouldn’t be a DIY project.


The thing is, you shouldn’t have to replace the tub yourself. It is a great process. It involves removing floors, pipes, fittings, walls, and many other intricate details. It’s not as simple as carrying a claw foot tub and hooking it to the faucet.

If you would like a proper bathtub replacement, call the professionals to do it. The job will come with a guarantee, you won’t have to stress yourself out, and your home will be safe from potential damage. Everyone wins. Here it is! You are now one step closer to replacing the bathtub of your dreams. If you are ready to take the next step, call the Wolverhampton Plumbing Emergency team.

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